There is an old business proverb that proclaims, ‘do what you love and delegate the rest.’

For the conventional small business owner, one of the biggest challenges they must learn to overcome is the idea that they must wear all of the hats. In the beginning we followed our chosen business path because we had true passion and proficiency for our service offerings or products. Conversely, we often learn that our aptitude for operations, marketing and even finances may not be as strong as they need to be to allow for business growth and continuity.

Traditionally, we would have been faced with one of two options:

a.) Continue to wear every hat, assume each and every business role and perform it to the best of our ability and pray that we would always be able to find the time to source for new clients and still satisfy our current client base.

b.) Bring on full-time employees to compensate for the skills we lack and focus on growing the business.

Often times as owners of small businesses we find that hiring employees has the opposite effect of what we are trying to achieve and can actually prevent us from conducting our businesses as proficiently as we would like to. Whether this be due to personality conflicts, lack of appropriate funds, scheduling conflicts, lack of proper training or any other obstacle that might present itself.

Luckily, modern business presents an alternative solution – outsourcing. After surveying over 1,000 American professionals, Harris Poll reported:

67% of adults would gladly outsource a large number of the tasks they dislike doing.

55% believe strongly that hiring a Virtual Assistant would allow them the opportunity to focus on more pertinent aspects of their business, such as growth and revenue generation.

34% feel that outsourcing business tasks to a Virtual Assistant would cause a significant increase in their job performance abilities.

Based on the survey findings, there is strong evidence to support claims that many business professionals hold outsourcing in higher regards than hiring a full or even part-time employee. Not only does outsourcing to a Virtual Professional save time and money, it also eliminates a great deal of the frustration commonly tied to personnel management and allows business owners the freedom to focus their efforts on actually growing their business and increasing their profitability.

Not unlike hiring an employee, contracting the services of a Virtual Assistant requires a certain degree of upfront planning and organization. It is crucial for the business owner to have a strong comprehension of what tasks they wish to delegate and which tasks they would prefer to keep in-house.

It is not uncommon for professionals to save tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each year versus the expense of hiring and training full time staff.

The reality of it is, outsourcing to a Virtual Professional allows small business owners to focus on tasks that not only generate revenue but also perpetuate business growth while still seeing to it that business essential administrative, sales, support and marketing tasks continue to run smoothly.