Why Optimise Your Video?

You have a professionally produced video and this has been uploaded to all of the social media platforms, inc YouTube and is displayed on the front page of your website. Job done! Unfortunately not! Search Engines cannot read video, and if not optimised correctly search engines won’t know exactly what the video is about and will not give any authority, as time has not been allocated to inform them.

Optimise Your Video

The first thing you need to do is give a title to your video. Unlike SEO the Video Optimisation market place is not nearly as competitive. Do some research to find out what search terms people are using on Google to find the products or services you are promoting. Kampanye di media sosial
Use these terms in the video name, this will give you a good chance chance of being found higher up the rankings in that search. Next you need to let the search engines know what the video is about with a sitemap.

Video Going Viral

Good job so far your video can be found on all the major streaming sites and although Video Optimisation tends to be a lot faster and cost effective than SEO it still takes time. So how get it to go viral? Most products become successful not just because of clever advertising but because people talk about them, recommend them and show them to their friends. Spread the word, share tweet and promote your video in every marketing strategy you employ.

Share Your Video

Internet users search and watch videos through different hosting sites; these users also access these sites through various machines, devices and browsers, where compatibility issues may arise. The solution is to distribute your video to all video streaming websites, which is a tedious task, but once completed ensures the end user searching from their preferred channel, browser and device can find and watch your web video without encountering any problems.

Maintain the Motion

Great you have optimised your video and it’s ranking well in the search engines. Your Google analytics tell you that you have had a great response and your video on YouTube has received many views and likes, then things slow down. Video Optimisation is an on-going process, ensure when you tweet, share, post or send emails a link to the video is embedded. A one stop solution for social media is Ping FM one update will update around 30 different social media sites.