Streaming media sites continue to grow astronomically over the Internet. YouTube clones are popping up by the hundreds each day. Most of these new streaming media sites are niche oriented with specific social network specialties and tools. Perhaps you are part of the streaming mass of sites cresting the mounting wave of video on demand? How do the people who want your content find you?

The abundance of Heavy Metal music sites, joke sites, baby care sites, guitar workshops, film sites and a myriad of other niche content web sites show a wide diversity of topics expanding over the Internet. Many colleges and universities are getting ready sports streaming sites. Everyone from drama clubs to the corporate board is getting in on the net with streaming media. Thousands of people creating hundreds of sites on a broad range of topics each day. They are building out web sites with specialized niche content and capabilities. The question then is how can a surfer find the niche site when it is not blatant in the URL itself or through heavy advertising costs that niche sites cannot afford?

Content creators must post content on Google and Yahoo Video hoping to get some name recognition and more traffic to themselves through random searches. You have given up the goat for the cheese.

This same media giant owns the top two major streaming websites, Google = YouTube. So one mega corporation owns the content and the peoples search of choice for content. This may not be evil but it is not good. Somehow they convinced content owners that they must upload their content to them so they can surround it by their advertiser links. Perhaps you will show up as 1,299,899 of 3,999,292,121 pages on a search term?

There is a missing link between content rich niche streaming sites and surfers. All niche media sites are affected by an inability to directly connect to their base without a lot of money to promote or giving up content to the big conglomerates.

There is a way! Bring all the streaming sites together in their own social network to promote a community creating a niche media search engine. A search site where browsing and search will get people right to the sites covering the topics they are interested in. All this should be provided free to searchers, members and all streaming media sites.

An emerging example of one such animal is an offering from the Online TV Guide, the oldest video-streaming hub on the web. This video search portal has both members and website owners take responsibility for site listings making the onlinetv video search rock. News, links, and descriptions are constantly updated matching the sites niche using key search terms in the description. This assures that those looking for specific niche streaming web sites easily find it using the search capabilities. The entire site is edited to assure quality descriptions.

Anyone can be a member by registering and are encouraged to list newly discovered sites as well as vote and review all listings. Registration is required for these privileges and site owners are encouraged to list their own site for promotion as well as participate with other streaming media sites.

This OnlineTV Video Search allows members to comment and vote on site listings adding community and excitement. A rating system allows single votes on a site from a member and all of these factors float a site to the top of the charts.

Special design allows for fast retrieval of targeted search requests. A streamlined approach to design and database are incorporated, without a lot of heavy graphics, allowing fast page access; it is all about getting people to site listings. The faster members get onto the actual content site they are looking for the better for everyone. A portal for niche video search, the time has come today.