If you’ve been on the lookout for the best VPN, there’s no doubt that you’ll have seen the huge variety of quality providers out there. Thanks to this, price begins to become a major factor for many people and bargain VPN deals start to look very enticing.

Beginning Monday, July 25, Hide.me’s 10-year anniversary Summer Sale is offering some absolutely mega savings. Sign up for 2 years, and you’ll save $40 overall, dropping the price to just $2.49 a month, or $59.99 all-in (opens in new tab).

In our testing, Hide.me was one of the very fastest VPN services, and it’s especially suited to techie types who appreciate being able to tinker with settings and perfectly tailor software for their needs. But even if you’re not a computer whiz, it’s still perfectly plug-and-play.

This deal is only running for 3 weeks, until August 11 – so if you’re in need of speedy, affordable VPN cover, this may well be worth picking up.

How good is Hide.me?

Hide.me has been around since 2011, and over that time it’s developed into one of the finest VPNs on the market. 

As we mentioned above, it offers huge configuration potential – you can activate a stealth mode, choose from 5 protocols, even use custom ports and order the server list however you wish. If you’re not a techie, though, don’t be put off. You can get a ton of value out of Hide.me without even opening the settings.

Most impressive is Hide.me’s streaming VPN potential. You’ll be able to unblock US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and tons more. Not a lot of VPNs can do that.

Capped off with near class-leading speeds, and you’ve got yourself an excellent all-rounder cheap VPN – all for a limited bargain price (opens in new tab).

What’s the competition like?

While Hide.me ranked very well in our testing, there are still a few that we’d rate more highly if you’re willing to pay a little more.

If you want the absolute best-of-the-best, we’d point you towards ExpressVPN, but at $6.67 a month (opens in new tab) it’s a fair bit more expensive. NordVPN is a little more affordable, but at $3.99 a month (opens in new tab) it’s still pricier.

So, if you’re after a powerful, customisable VPN for a very appealing price, Hide.me is a great choice (opens in new tab).