Imagine being in charge of a business where all of the money you make is profit. Virtual property tycoons are reaping the rewards of this dream business scenario and in this article I’m going to reveal all.

Big profits are achieved by big cost cuts. Mr Henry Ford coined this idea back in 1908 when he applied mass production to car engine production. The result was massive costs savings and even bigger profits. Mr Ford still had to pay factory costs, material costs, wages costs, etc, yet he still made mega bucks. Imagine the profit potential if all costs could be removed from the equation.

In today’s digital age minimum cost maximum profit business is now a reality if you adopt the principles of virtual property.

So what’s Virtual Property?

Simple. Virtual property is anything that can be accessed and downloaded from the internet – essentially digital products. Examples include ebooks, audio products, videos, membership sites, web sites, etc. Once created and stored, any online sales won’t cost the creator a dime, not a bean. The result is one hundred percent profit! All you need is internet access and these seven secrets:

One. Think of a niche market that you’re interested in. For example, golf, fishing, dog training, anything you like.

Two. Source material on your niche subject which you can turn into a virtual property product. A trick for doing this is to look for information that’s in the public domain. This means information that has no copyright, such as the works of Shakespeare. As a rule anything published before 1923 in the US is in the public domain and anyone can swipe these and do with them whatever they please. You must be certain that anything you copy is definitely in the public domain. Try where you can source tonnes of books at no cost.

Three. Create unique products using the content from your public domain books. You could chop up them up and create a series of ebooks, turn them into audio products by reading and recording them, make them into video seminars or home study courses. The list is endless and don’t forget an old book reborn as an audio or video product is exactly what people are looking for online in the twenty-first century.

Four. ‘Add value’ by creating simple web sites to go with each of the ten information products you create. Don’t worry this is very easy and you should keep it simple for best results. If you don’t know how to create a web site go to and search for “how to build a web site”. Now you have ten turnkey virtual property businesses that you can sell.

Five. Set up your own web site to sell five hundred re-sell licenses to each of your ten instant virtual property businesses. Market them for one hundred and ninety seven dollars a piece (proven price point).

Six. Set up your own affiliate program using This is so people who want to promote your site can sign up as an affiliate and promote.

Seven. Set up joint ventures with other companies. Go to and search for companies that send out relevant email newsletters (ezines). Type in searches like ‘internet marketing ezine’ or ‘internet business ezine’. Contact these people and tell them that you have a product suitable for their ezine readers. Offer to pay them a commission for any sales they make as a result of promoting your product.

That’s it. After you have created the virtual property products you won’t have to spend any more money. All the sales you make will be for one hundred percent profit. I’m sure Mr Ford would have loved to have been born in today’s generation. He’s era is over now but the opportunity for the savvy entrepreneur has only just begun.