Only 5 years ago if someone had mentioned the word podcast to you, you would most probably have looked inquisitively at them or smiled nervously at them. That would then have been followed by the question “what is a podcast”. Nowadays however podcats are readily available on many sites including major news channels, sporting channels right down to personal blog sites.

So why the upsurge in podcating, or podcast listeners? Natural technical progression I believe is the way this has come about. I remember my friend years ago telling me that one time he was speaking with his dad about cassette tapes and LP’s (kids ask your parents). His dad then said to him “do you know what, in years to come there will be no cassettes, no LP’s (no CD’s) everything will be help on solid state players, like a cassette but with no moving parts”. How right he was. I bet he only wishes he’s looked into the development more at the time.

So what is a podcast? Without wanting to get too technical a podcast is: A podcast is a way to broadcast multimedia files – audio or video – over the Internet for playback on mobile devices (ex. MP3 players) and personal computers. The host of a podcast is the “podcaster.” Podcasting allows the podcaster to create a broadcast about a subject of interest to him/her and their subscribers. Subscribers are then able to listen to the podcast, how, when and where they want. You are in essence your own DJ. All you have to do is find listeners.

How often have you listened to the radio thinking ‘I could do that’ and not only that, I could do that better than they are on the radio. Well now is your chance. Quick Podcast gives you all you need to get your podcast on the air for one low price.

Included is:

Podcast Publication – Host, manage and publish your broadcasts with ease.

Media Management and Storage – The interface makes it simple to upload and manage your MP3 and MP4 audio/video files (m4v, mp4 and mov).

Statistics – Quickly find out subscriber numbers, average bandwidth, disk space utilization and more.

RSS Generation – Generate and publish RSS feeds in minutes.

Professional Help – Have questions? No problem. We’ve packed our Quick Podcast plans with answers covering everything from podcast creation to management.

Podcast Listing Service – Automatically sends new podcast notifications to a variety of popular listing services like iTunes, Feed Burner, iPodder, and more.

Multiple Podcasts – It’s a snap to create and manage multiple RSS files and mini-Web sites.

Multiple templates and themes – Stand out from the crowd with a look that says “YOU.”

Simple Web Page – Get the word out about your podcast. Each page includes a text paragraph describing the broadcast, podcast title, and RSS Feed.

On-Site Player – Play podcasts directly from your published web page.

Publish RSS feeds on your blog – Easily publish your podcast’s RSS feed on your blog.

Link Media with a Published Article – Use your podcasts as attachments to a posted article.

So. Whether you’re a business wanting to spread the word, someone who has something they feel they want to share or you love music and letting others hear it. Then stop off at Kube Domains dot com and have a go.