Blubrry is my top podcast-hosting provider for seamless integration with WordPress. This year, they released four great new features to help you podcast better!

Automatic media kits

Using the audience survey data you can collect through your Blubrry account, Blubrry now automatically populates a media kit for your podcast. It updates every 24 hours with your latest stats and information. You get control over what demographics and podcast statistics you include.

Education resources from PodRocket

Confused about podcasting? Blubrry has partnered with PodRocket to give you access to several resources to help you start, grow, improve, and monetize your podcast!

Dynamically inserted programmatic advertising

Easily monetize your back-catalog of episodes and future episodes with ads that will be dynamically inserted at the beginning (preroll) or end (postroll) of your podcast. This allows you to earn money from your podcast without having to read ads yourself or make any decisions after your initial setup. There’s no minimum audience size (but do consider whether it’s worth it for your audience).

In this initial phase, the most controversially or potentially offensive ads have been removed. A future phase will give you more control over what categories of ads you want to allow.

Website podcast player with closed captions

The embeddable podcast player exclusive to Blubrry hosting customers now offers real-time closed captions! This provides huge accessibility improvements! You can provide your own transcript or pay only $10/month to have transcripts automatically generated (with the same limits as your hosting account).

The transcripts are also included in your RSS feed using the new Podcasting 2.0 specification so they’ll be usable in modern, Podcasting-2.0-compliant apps.

Learn more about hosting your podcast with Blubrry!

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