Do you ever wish there were an easier way to reach your existing customers or clients?

Do you wish there was an easier way to reach others that could become your customers or clients?

If you have a ministry outreach, a church or business – we have the same issues, right? Reaching more people!

When I entered the ministry back in 1995, I thought I could just book a room at a hotel, promote the meeting in the newspaper and on radio and have the seats full.

And in six meetings that first year, people stayed away by the thousands!

You could put all of the attendees of our first six meetings in one regular size bus.

It does not matter what your goal is…

It does not matter if you are trying to fill seats in a church; fill seats in an online class or drive foot traffic through the door to your business.

If that sounds like you and what you’ve been experiencing, I can relate. You’ve seen my story above!

What I discovered back in 2009 has transformed my life…

I truly know and understand the inspiration for what I’m about to share with you came from God. I fought against it in my mind for weeks…

But, finally, I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

What I’m talking about is starting a podcast…

I did not even know what a podcast was back in 2009. I called it my “online radio program.”

But, once I started, within just a few weeks, I had a following (and not just my friends and family). What I was sharing was being heard in various locations around the country (and then from other countries around the world)!

Some of these people are still in touch with me 11 years later!

My ministry efforts shifted from “traditional ministry” to “online ministry,” simply because it was easier to do and was very cost-effective.

Now, do not misunderstand me…

I am not advocating that traditional church ministry is wrong or should change…

Far from it. I’ve helped other churches and pastors grow their ministries by reaching others via online media.

People today are spending more times on their smart phones than they do listening to the radio or watching television!

You need to meet people where they are at in order to share information about your business, ministry, products, services, etc.

You cannot wait for them to “discover you.” You cannot wait for them to “find you.” You cannot wait for them to come to you! YOU need to GO TO THEM.

And Podcasting is a very cost-effective and successfully doable way to accomplish exactly that.

Why do you think so many big name businesses have established podcasts?

It is because they are entering the market place where their customers and clients are already operating – online!

For me, eleven years after my first “30 minute, online radio program,” we have become an established, online ministry resource for thousands of people every single year.

Look at just some of the highlights:

  • Hosted my own 30 minute radio program on nationwide AM radio!
  • Founded “Evangelism Radio” in 2010 (listeners in over 160 nations and all 50 states. Rated #1 in the world on several occasions in the Christian Talk genre by
  • Began an interview based podcast that is approaching 1000 published episodes in under four years with almost 800 interviews.
  • Founded a Christian only Podcast Hosting & Marketing platform (
  • Started teaching other Christians how to create and monetize their podcasts in 2014.
  • Speaking at Podcasting Conferences and Business / Leadership Conferences.
  • Numerous requests for television and radio interviews about our ministry.

I’m not saying all of this to brag. It was by God’s Grace that all of this has evolved. I could never, in my wildest dreams, imagine how our ministry evolved over the last several years.