On the internet, there is so much written material that it can be daunting. For people who are suffering from knowledge retention, audio content is a welcome break. In addition, 80% of individuals listen to all or most of every episode, while the average reader spends just 37 seconds read an article!

Developing a sense of connection among your followers encourages them to feel a sense of belonging, like they are in the right spot at the right time. They will have a desire to hang around because you are providing them the information they desire to hear and you are making them feel like they are investing quality time in doing so.

Podcasts are one of the best ways you can produce content for those that follow you. They could social media followers or people who follow you professionally. And because people are listening to podcasts while the day goes by, it’s like you’re having an entire discussion with them personally, on their time. They do not have to set aside a particular time to hear you (such as radio or television). Actually, for me anyway, I feel I am speaking directly to a person while doing my recording. I try to make my listener feel as if we are sitting down at a table having a cup of coffee and a great conversation!

Podcasts are also a great way to communicate your personal story. Just make sure you spend some time interacting about yourself and your journey and make it into a form of discussion with your listeners. Try to think about and discuss things which they could ask as follow-up questions if they were truly sitting across from you. As you answer them, they feel a greater connection with you. It’s almost as if you are “reading their minds” in the conversation.

Try to Enhance Improved Communication With your Listeners

There really is no magic bullet to become a great podcaster. It’s really about ensuring you’re communicating directly to your audience and understanding their identity as a person and not as a group. This is why I emphasize to my coaching clients the importance of identifying WHO they will be speaking to. Not a group, but a person.

Social media will help you expand your podcast and make sure it gets in front of the appropriate group of people. But remember, you always speak to the person, not the group. We’re talking about everything you do on social media being really linked to interaction. That’s what the social media platform algorithms are searching for. Although you are trying to connect with a group of people, your audience is looking to connect with one person. That one person is you!

Try to set aside at time every day where you can dedicate 10 to 15 minutes to interacting with your listeners on social media. Your audience will love to hear from you personally because it sounds like they are truly establishing a connection. Use this time to ask questions, answer questions, and get feedback. Create excitement in what you do; advertise your businesses or services you may provide; invite guests to participate or offer to visit an organization or ministry (congregation or online); urge them to give feedback; persuade them to sign up or subscribe to your podcast; have a special gift you can give to them and urge them to “access it for free.”

When they do accept your gift, make sure you are able to capture their email so you can stay connected even more through personal emails. This helps you to connect and maintain a discussion with them in an ongoing manner, providing value to them and they may even purchase further services from you.

Finally, You’re going to have much more impact if you take a structured process to podcasting than if you just look at it in a way where there’s not enough space for everybody’s podcast. Statistics have proven that most people who do listen to podcasts actually listen to several podcasts each and every week. You will see progress and growth in your podcast stats if you’re doing it right and you’re having the dialogue that communicates directly to your audience in ways that will help them to accomplish their dreams and goals as well.