Many of our clients want to jump on the content marketing bandwagon. After all, content is what it’s all about these days, right? Content is king! The answer could be yes, but only if you do it correctly.

It’s not enough to just flood your social media and other channels with a lot of content. After all, if everyone’s doing it, there must be a lot of it out there to plow through, so your content has to be truly interesting and timely, in addition to being an honest reflection of who your company is.

In an effort to be noticed, a lot of content has ended up being self-serving, useless and even pointless. It is not true that just “showing up” matters. How you show up and what you have to say that is meaningful to people (and particularly to your targeted audiences) is critical.

Content marketing, while talked about a lot these days, is not new. Brands have been telling stories, in one form or another, as a way to acquire customers for decades. However, developing useful content in order to create a behavioral change in a company’s customers and prospects is somewhat new to many brands. Their marketing outreach is primarily intended to openly promote buying behavior and to cause people to feel an immediate need to purchase their products and services (which is not a bad thing, of course).