To enter the computer comfort zone with your eyeglasses you need to see the computer screen clearly without having to elevate your chin up or move your body forward from a correct ergonomic seated position. Using the intermediate portion of your general wear progressives requires the object you are viewing be located below eye level and not directly in front of you, so you unconsciously raise your chin up to use the small mid-range computer zone. This type of movement results in neck and shoulder pain while working at the computer.

If you wear lined bifocal lenses and find yourself moving closer to the monitor while elevating your head up than you are making computer work harder on your eyes, neck and back than necessary. Learn here how to enter the “Comfort Zone”, and make your work at the computer easier. You can eliminate the eyestrain and muscular stresses easily. The best solutions involve either making up a dedicated pair of computer glasses or using the newly designed clip-on computer reading glasses called Computer Conversion Clips.

A clip-on computer reading glass provides a specific amount of additional magnification that is attached to the upper portion of the wearer’s eyeglasses, converting the distance prescription of general wear bifocals or progressive lenses to mid-range computer distance; this will allow the wearer to see a computer monitor clearly through the newly formed “comfort zone” in your general wear eyeglasses. The wearer will then be able to view intermediate distances, such as the computer screen, while maintaining a normal head position. Ideally, the clip-on glasses should only cover the top part of the eyeglasses to allow the wearer to continue to use the lower reading portion of their eyeglasses to see near.

The general cost of a dedicated pair of computer glasses will range from $175 – $350. The cost and quality of the eyeglass frames and lens types used for a intermediate computer focus and near vision accounts for the wide range in costs. Buying a computer reading type clip-on at your local internet site to clip to your general wear glasses for about $20, sounds like a great deal… until you learn about the design differences with the new Computer Conversion Clips. It is good to remember that most of the neural input that comes into our body is through our eyes, so vision is one sense that you should value. Here are some of the valued differences in Computer Conversion Clips verses the other clip-on computer reading glasses you can find on discount internet sites.

* Light weight design keeps your eyeglasses from slipping down your nose

* Digital Optics for a clear viewing zone across the entire lens

* Anti-reflection coating for crystal clear vision and less eyestrain

* Unique Anti-fatigue design optics for intense computer use

* Optical acrylic lens material is more scratch resistant/better vision/and won’t yellow with time like polycarbonate lens materials

* Custom design crush proof case and micro-cleaning cloth included

Make working at the computer more enjoyable with a dedicated pair of eyeglasses or by attaching a clip-on computer reading glass to your general wear eyeglasses. See all that you can see with better physical and visual ergonomics while sitting at your desk. You can reduce eyestrain and eliminate that nagging pain in the neck and shoulders, and get into the comfort zone while working long hours at the computer. Follow this simple computer plan and take the “pain in the neck” out of work today.