One of the most important events in the history of mankind was definitely the invention of the Television. It is probably responsible for the extent of the globalization that we enjoy today. The invention of the Television created a popular pastime for all Americans and for all humans in the world. Due to TV, we can see news events happening live on out screen and we can watch any popular shows, music clips and movies that we like on any one of the thousands of available TV channels in the world. The days where we had to wait for the TV set to warm up so that we can watch couple of hours of black and white entertainment has long passed. Now with the availability of high definition and LCD, we can watch events with a high resolution and with the advent of satellite we can watch any event unfolding in the world live. However, perhaps the biggest event that is significant is the availability to watch TV online through the Internet.

With the availability of higher Internet speeds and with the use of Shoutcast Server Technology, it is now possible to watch any station or listen to any Radio Station “Live” with the Internet. Many stations around the world have used the Shoutcast technology to video stream their Broadcast content over the Internet. With the higher connection speeds in the world today due to ADSL, we can watch these video streams easily without any significant delay or scrambling. In fact watching Internet has become quite popular today, even at the workplaces. Even though your boss may not like it much, you can watch your favorite show or watch the news Live, by watching your popular station over the Internet. In instances where it is not allowed to watch TV in the workplace, then it’s always possible to listen to your favorite Radio Station over the Internet.

However, this technology is not just limited to the stations and Radio stations across the world. Now using this technology, you can always make your own shows or Radio shows and then you can broadcast it across the Internet easily with the usage of the Shoutcast Video Streaming Technology. Of course, a novice user perhaps can’t do this, but a expert user will be easily able to do this without any problems. You can make your home made shows by using a camera and some special video editing software and then you are set to go. Then you can easily put your logo on top of the screen and you have your own station. This is also perfect for small companies and organizations, so that they can broadcast their views and products easily embroidered as a program. No one will just watch an advertisement, but everyone will be interested in watching a special channel. It is also perfect for fan clubs and societies as they can make and broadcast their own shows through the Internet. Thus take advantage of this wonderful technology today and create your own show and broadcast it over the Internet.