The world of advertising and marketing is changing. New technology gives us new methods of doing the same things we once did before. The Internet is one way we now have of advertising our products and services in a new way. Video streaming right from your own website is a great way to increase page views, bring new visitors to your site and share more information about your company or your product and help personalize your site.

Before someone buys a product or service on the Internet, they need to feel they can trust the source they are buying from. Since the Web doesn’t allow you to meet face-to-face with customers, video is a good way to touch your potential consumers and build trust. Simple, easy videos can make a great difference in your marketing success.

Video is search is growing more rapidly than ever before. Studies show that it is considered the third most effective online advertising media used today. If you want to reach your target audience, this is an incredibly efficient way to do so. Many businesses miss out on the potential of using videos to market because they’re afraid it will be too hard or too expensive. But this just isn’t true anymore because there are now so many different ways get help with your videos.

Video uploading used to be difficult because video files were large and difficult to upload. They were also difficult for other viewers to see them and could take so long to load that they would time out and the person simply wouldn’t bother trying to watch. But now video uploading and video streaming is easier than ever before due to video conversion software tools.

You can now convert AVI to flash video which allows for easier viewing, faster streaming and better placement on the search engines. When you combine this with a great web video player, you can easily get your marketing and advertising videos out on the World Wide Web for most anyone to see.

Here are some other benefits of using videos:

o It’s free online advertising
o 3rd most effective online advertising media today
o People love to “see” instead of just read
o Get your message out in ways that text alone cannot do
o No cost per view for online video
o Show that your company is keeping up with the times
o Easy to monitor and track who is viewing and what they think

These are just some of the many great benefit of using videos to help market your product or service. Companies and businesses all over the world are learning the importance of video marketing.

Video production does not have to be a difficult process. There are many types of video making software out there to help the process. You can also use a video converter to get your created video in a format that allows for easy video streaming on your website. This helps ensure your video is web friendly and can be picked up by video search engines and indexed for keyword relevance as well. This means more people will be able to see your video which increases its effectiveness. It’s so easy, you can get started today.