There comes a time for every coach or consultant where they start to feel the limitations of their business model.

Your income plateaus. You feel the grind of chasing clients. You’re ready to help more people, but you only have so much time and energy to offer clients.

You want to reach more people, but you’re unsure how to grow your audience, stand out in your industry, and elevate your brand authority.

But what needs to change?

Here are the vital shifts you need to make in your business model to spark exponential growth as a coach or consultant.


Generalist Positioning → Specialist Positioning

When your ideal client encounters your brand, do you immediately grab their attention? Can they quickly see how you can help them? Is it abundantly clear why you have the absolute best solution for them?

Most coaches and consultants are not specific enough about who they serve and how they serve them. It’s tempting to cast a wide net. But this is the kiss of death.

Chasing Clients → Inbound Lead Generation

If you took a break from finding and having conversations with potential clients, what would happen to your business? For many coaches and consultants, their pipeline of prospects would dry up quickly and their income would take a dip.

Exponential growth requires putting into place a marketing strategy that takes you from chasing the tide to standing on the beach as the tide of clients comes to you. You need a steady flow of inbound leads signing up for your email list. Don’t have an email list? This is a strategy you should put into place right away.

Custom Solutions → Signature Process

Do you have a codified system for generating results, one that is easily duplicated and consistently works? Exponential growth requires you to have a signature process. This doesn’t mean you create a formula. Your process should consist of frameworks that make room for each client’s circumstances (as long as they fit the definition of your ideal client).

Selling Time → Leveraged Time

Your income and impact will be limited if as long as you only do one-to-one client work. Exponential growth requires creating offers like online courses, group programs, licensed IPs, or certifications that allow you to serve more people with less of your time.

Jack of All Trades → Unique Genius Focused

When you first start a coaching business, you wear many hats out of necessity. Exponential growth requires you to delegate these hats to qualified team members so you can spend more time operating within your unique genius. You also need ample time to ideate and create to establish and grow your brand authority and visibility.

As you look at the list above, how does your business model score in each of these areas? The good news is that exponential growth doesn’t need to happen all at once. It happens in increments over time. Choose one area and put a strategy into place to shift your business model to unlock the next level of growth.

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